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I have a deep passion for capturing the essence of moments, where photography becomes a blend of technical skill and heartfelt expression. In my lens, I see light and shadow not just as elements but as the very heartbeat of visual storytelling.

As a photographer, my strength lies in the art of lighting. Each image is carefully crafted, drawing inspiration from the subtle dance between brightness and darkness. Through my lens, I aim to tell a story that highlights the genuine emotions and unique personalities, all framed by a simple understanding of the transformative magic of light.

For me, portrait photography goes beyond the ordinary; it's an exploration of your true self in a world painted by the soft hues of light and shadow. Join me on a journey where every captured moment is a sincere reflection, and my skill in lighting techniques adds a touch of simplicity and authenticity.

Welcome to a photographic experience where the blend of skill and vision gives birth to moments resonating with the timeless beauty of light and shadow.


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Teresa Che Photography, LLC

Tel: 971-238-3668

WeChat: chechengai

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